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Infusing Mercari with cutting-edge NLP studies -- A summary of EMNLP’18

To attain a higher level of user satisfaction, Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, specifically affective studies are crucial. AI Team and Toby from Mercari Japan would like to share our observations from the EMNLP’18 conference.…

Report of Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge

Hi everyone, I’m @hurutoriya, a Machine Learning Engineer. On May 9th, 2018, we held the closing ceremony for the Kaggle competition hosted by Mercari: the Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge. In the Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge, part…


初めまして。メルカリで自動化&品質保証グループ(Automation & QA Group:通称AQA)に8月からジョインし、自動化をぶりぶりしている@AHA_oretamaです。 10/18, 19にシカゴで開かれたSeleniumConf Chicagoに参加してきました。 SeleniumConf Chicagoの内容…